Teddy Bergsman

CEO @ Quixel

Teddy Bergsman is a veteran of the games industry, having worked on multiple AAA titles. He has been passionate about creating computer graphics from the age of 10. He started Quixel in 2011 to help develop groundbreaking 3D art tools and asset resources for fellow artists. From the first 3D scanner he put together at the age of 16, to a company that helps tens of thousands of artists with an ever expanding array of tools and assets. What began as a vision to enable artists to create a world close to reality, is now a massive library of PBR-ready (Physically Based Rendering) scans, covering a spectrum of surfaces and 3D assets geared toward every sphere of the visual effects space; be it games, visualizations, VFX, or mobile.


  • Creating Realistic Worlds with Quixel Megascans (Room One)