Dinis Pereira

Senior Game Engineer @ YAGER

Dinis Pereira is a passionate game developer working at Yager for the last 4 years. He studied computer engineering in Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon specializing in Artificial intelligence. Upon completion, he proceeded immediately to work in the games industry in 2003, developing games for casual PC market within Portuguese lead game companies. He moved on in 2011 to pursue new challenges joining triple AAA game development, first at Acony for the Online FPS Bulletrun and then YAGER for the MOBA Dreadnought. Interested in all areas of game development, he worked as a generalist programmer across multiple disciplines including AI, Gameplay and Computer Graphics. In the last years Dinis dedicated considerable focus on the Unreal Network Layer, customizing it for the needs of MOBA and Open World multiplayer games.


  • Addressing Typical Server Performance Pitfalls (Room Two)