Alexander Oskin

Lead Technical Artist @ Frogwares

I am a Lead Technical Artist at Frogwares who initially studied for and worked as an automation engineer but always wanted to pursue game development. Not knowing what a technical artist is, I worked as one for couple of years for a small Ukrainian outsourcing firm back in Kharkiv, doing all sorts of work ranging from some concept art, modelling and animation all the way to programming for mobile games and web-based 3D applications. After coming to Frogwares in 2015 and being a single technical artist for a 70 something people company, I am now leading a team of 3 (including myself). We do material and shader work, optimizaition, provide artists with asset pipelines and smaller tools to automate various tasks, create VFX and help solve any and all problems.


  • City Creation Tools in The Sinking City (Room Two)