Aaron McLeran

Lead Programmer - Audio @ Epic Games

Aaron studied physics and music in undergrad with serious studies in jazz improvisation and composition. He later received a masters in physics from Notre Dame and a second masters in media arts and technology from University of California, Santa Barbara. His interests have always been at the boundary of the technical and artistic. After spending a couple years teaching high school physics and calculus, his first game job was writing procedural music for Spore, where he collaborated with Maxis audio director, Kent Jolly, and producer/composer/performer Brian Eno. Later, he was a sound designer on Dead Space 2. His first programming gig was working on Call of Duty at Sledgehammer Games, where he wrote features for Modern Warfare 3 and Advanced Warfare. He later worked at ArenaNet on interesting audio features for MMOs. He now works at Epic as the lead audio programmer, working on a new multiplatform audio renderer.


  • Unreal Audio Features and Architecture (Room Two)